Friday, July 21, 2006

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Anonymous said...

I am a Circus Modeler, Fan, and Historical Society member. I have enjoyed your BLOG a great deal. I have many friends on the Cole Bros Show and have encouaged them to tune in. Elmo and Ringmaster Chris Connors were truly impressed. They both asked me to tell you to stop by the show when it returns to New Jersey or they will be playing an entire week on Staten Island. If you can stop by they would love to cut up some jackpots with you.
I printed out the recent photos you posted of the Beatty-Cole clowns and supplemented from my collection and brought them to the show yesterday. Their current clown alley although from South America just went wild over the photos. They have been, as long as I know them, interested in clown history. If you stop by the show they'd like to meet you.
I have a question. Did you make your wig or was it purchased? The clowns on Cole Bros. were impressed with your makeup and your wig. They noticed the quality of your skull cap/wig and are in need of new and replacement wigs but would like to up grade to better quality.
Keep up the good work!!! Enjoy logging on each day!!!!
Joe Giordano