Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A "loving tribute" (down to the last detail) to Denis Lacombe's considerable talents as a writer and circus comedian, marred only by the performance itself.


Anonymous said...

This act could really use a whistle.

Elmo Gibb said...

Why is it that South American clowns are unable to come up with their own, fresh material. Or at least take the basic idea and customize it to their own character? I'm getting sick of seeing rip-offs of Scheiner's movie gag, too. Let' see something fresh and innovative from south of the border.


Anonymous said...

I always remember clowns from South America or Mexico having wild gags with lots of slapstick and a slightly more risque attitude. Los Alarcons are great examples of clowns who have taken some standard material and elevated it by character and style.


Anonymous said...

I really liked this bit, when I saw it done by a professional. As Estelle Specter told us in Clown College, "If you like a bit, Steal it, but don't copy it. Because when you copy something, there's something lost in the translation, but when you steal something, you make it your own."
Did you hear the wild enthusiasm from the crowd? No? Neither did the guy in the ring.


Anonymous said...

You only had the opportunity to watch a tiny little videotaped two dimensional version on your relatively little monitor. The audience saw a living, breathing, extremely talented comic with impeccable timing, in person, live, vulnerable, and wonderful. It was brilliant. The crowd was loving it--the show was meant to be seen live, and recording was a merchandising afterthought in a time when we still understood that videotape isn't life.
P. S. He's French Canadian, Elmo. Pay attention.

Anonymous said...

the circus owner Alfredo Atayde had ask me to perform this gig, because he had sen the original, he wanted the hole gig exactly the way it was, i guess he thought it will be better this way instead of letting me do my own work, so i tok the job, before that i was working on the streets as a mime, done some TV, i just wanted to get the job, fore me this was the greatest experience in my life, i know its no the best, far from it. i really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot , i hope yo se more of "my work"
i hope this "Obsessive compulsive wannabe comedian" hasn't insulted you that much to rip me a new one, i recall Bello Nock the clown performing at Ringling Brothers Circus doing an exact "Comical Trampoline" as the famous clown Francesco Don Martinez - "Comical Trampoline"
i guess is all about the work, i wish all you professionals the best