Friday, November 21, 2008


The circus industry: where talent is always recognized and rewarded, innovation is essential and originality is paramount.



Anonymous said...

whats up with ripping off gags

Anonymous said...

The knife throwing bit that Larible brought to Ringling in his first year is not original, either.
It is a standard bit in many other countries. The part where the bucket in placed on the floor between the victims spread legs and directly underneath his crotch in case of an accident while attempting to break the balloon has all the telltale signs of latin american circus humor. Remember, that prior to joining Ringling, Larible was on the illustrious THIANY SPECTACULAR which tours Central America.

David was able to take it big and better in the arenas and did a fine job with it.

There have always been copycat acts, but like the 4 generation of a video tape, the quality is not the same and you know that you are not looking at the original.

Raffaele De Ritis said...

Larible performed for Tihany in 1989-90.
He did first time his knives routine in 1987 in Europe. Mr.Tihany saw the entrèe in Monte Carlo in January 1989, and asked David to perform it in his circus. The bucket gag seems his addition, not being registered before.
The Tihany tour of Larible's year was in the Usa.
David was not just able to do it big and better, but to transform a simple gag in a routined clown piece of 7 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Ok... That guy milked the HELL out of nothing... my question is what happened to funny?