Wednesday, January 07, 2009



Anonymous said...

At first I thought: I see the Prince and Princess looking completely uncharmed. Then I thought: "How nice, they let the mentally handicapped perform in Monte Carlo." At the end, I thought: "I sat through all of that stuff to get to a rushed eccentric dance/dislocationist number?"

The gorilla in the suit did surprise me, though. I didn't expect him to move like that.

Anonymous said...

This caught my interest, so I watched the whole thing.

Is it just me...and am I that far out of the clowning loop...but WHAT THE (fill in your favorite word) WAS THAT???

I guess maybe this goes back to the debate over modern clowning vs. old time circus clowning.

The one thing that is undeniable...the audience reaction. If the goal was silence, and a few pity laughs, then it was a huge success. And the camera shots of the audience were priceless.

Just curious if this is their signature piece that got them to Monte Carlo?

-Dan McCallum