Tuesday, January 06, 2009

PHIL ENOS: Comedy Car, 1980

Photo and comments courtesy of Peter Lavery

Phil Enos, Chipperfields, 1980.

"Phil Enos came from a circus background. His father was an aerial artist, a contortionist and he performed a comedy act in which he dressed as a chimp – an act that his great granddaughter, Olympia, performs today. Phil was American but married an English trapeze artist, Doreen, who was with Sir Robert Fossett's Circus. They had two sons and one daughter, all of whom were circus performers, but his daughter, Pamela, is the only one still performing, being that rarest of creatures – a female clown. Phil died in 1986, but not before he enjoyed a long and successful career in which he toured every European country and went to the Far East twice with his electric, flame-throwing, explosive, collapsible comedy car."


John said...

I believe I'm right in saying that Pam Enos ceased to perform some years ago, but should be able to check that - via her daughter, Olympia (who is studying Performing Arts at University).
Phil was certainly one of Nature's nice guys.

Anonymous said...

slight correction my father died 3 August 1985. I retired in 1998 because of ill health and quite rightly my daughter Olympia did go to university and achieved a degree and a BA Hons degree in performing arts. At the moment she is working on Planet Circus in England as Ring mistress and also in the box office dealing with pubicity, press and radio.