Thursday, January 08, 2009


Photos courtesy of the archives of Edmund O'Neill

Bumpsy Anthony

Herman Joseph

The Bumpsy Anthony photo isn't that unusual. These look to have been taken in the late 50s/early 60s and Bumpsy worked on many shows during that period. The one that throws me for a loop is Paul Jerome's old partner, Herman Joseph.

I was under the impression that Herman retired from circus clowning in the early 30s and got himself a townie job. Did he go back out on the road after he retired from that? Did he do spot dates? I can't think of a single Herman Joseph photo between the early 30s and this.

Anyone have any idea what show this is? What year?


Anonymous said...

The grill of the car behind Bumpsy looks like a late 40's Plymouth?

Anonymous said...

The September 1959 issue of Bandwagon Magazine has an article about Mills Brothers Circus that lists the clowns for that season as Harry Baker, Herman Joseph, Bumpsy Anthony and Coco Jr.
It is avaliable online at

Anonymous said...

Herman Joseph was still on the Mills Bros. in 1962 when was there. I can't vouch him for any season after that.