Saturday, March 14, 2009


Flat Hat, an English clown working in France since 1996, seen here doing his solo show at l'école de cirque Cirqu'en Cavale.

I've never seen him before but I'd like to see more! I love the look (and not just because of the oversized yellow vest with stripes down the back), the material and the character. I'd really like to see what he could do in a more lavish production setting.


Anonymous said...

my hero plays to the audience well no matter what language silence is golden now gimme your vest!!!

Flat hat said...

Hey Pat !
thanks there - I've only just seen this post and am very happy you like my clown.
I'm still working with the solo and also with a fine trio with 2 french clowns called Les Paillass'- you can see some here
I have a short show as a jester based on Hamlet, work with a comedy magic duo and have a few fun walkabout characters too.
Thanks for all your work and I do hope to meet you in the real world some day.
Love to you and yours,
Adrian (clown Flat hat)