Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Former voice of "Lucy" on the Peanuts cartoon and well known radical animal rights activist Pamelyn Ferdin is scheduled to appear in Parsippany, NJ at the upcoming Chiller Theater convention.

Wouldn't it be great if the entire New York metro circus community were outside the Sheraton handing out leaflets to the public letting them know what type of things Ms. Ferdin has been arrested for and why they shouldn't support her financially by paying for her autograph?

You know, they way that the AR folks do when the circus is in town?

I'm not saying that anyone should do that, I'm just saying that it would be really great if they did.

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GothamTomato said...

You know what would be funny: If a group could get together to organize a 'Lucy Van Pelt' themed protest.

Ideas off the top of my head to get attention of the crowds entering, while handing out flyers:

*Someone makes a little booth like the one Lucy always sits in (in the Peanuts cartoons) giving advice (I can't think of what the sign says exactly) for 29 cents, and set it up in front of the venue.

*Guys in drag, dressed like Lucy, holding footballs for guys to kick, then pulling them away.

*The people handing out flyers could all be dressed like Charlie Brown (very easy--orange tshirts with the black zigzag painted on).