Saturday, March 14, 2009

SHANE: Spelling Test Champ!

For those of you who have not been following the story on Facebook, my son Shane is the only kindergardener in his school who tested into first grade reading this year. While they weren't sure at first, Shane quickly showed them that he was more than capable of handling the work.

Now here we are in mid-March. This week Shane received his 18th consecutive perfect score on his first grade spelling test; this in addition to 18 perfect scores in kindergarden spelling as well, which means each week Shane has to complete class work and homework for both grades as well as memorize the correct spelling of 17 (10 plus the extra credit word for first grade, 6 for kindergarden) words every week.

Pretty impressive for a kindergardener!

The reason he's working so hard? I told him at the beginning of the year that if he did well in first grade reading that we'd go to on a special trip to Sesame Place at the end of the year.

This week Shane received this message of encouragement from Elmo, thanks to Sesame Place Entertainment Director (and fellow Clown College alumnus) Michael Joyce...

Shane was completely bowled over and sent this message in reply...

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Peppo the Clown said...

Congratulations, Shane!. You are so lucky you are going to meet Elmo, wish I could!. Keep up the good work, friend!.