Friday, March 27, 2009



Anonymous said...

I think Leon Gombert is the Whiteface... He has worked with Martin, Gustave Sosman, Victor and Toto Chabri.


tommy moore said...

The photo has them named Leon French, Victor French, and Alice French, but that could be because the act is called Les French, and with the first names provided, the surname French was "assumed". Maybe that helps?

Little John said...

Perhaps this is Doctor Jimmy Stuart hiding out as a clown in the Circus.

Anonymous said...

"les trois French" are belgian clowns and one of them was jojo French.

pictured on a poster

and i have seen some pictures of them in omeones personal circuscollection and they look nothing like it.

one of them always wore a very old plaine back suite and a black borsalino hat.