Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BOBBY KAY: From Bill Payne

Photo courtesy of Bill Payne

Master Clown Bobby Kay gets a big hug from Peggy Williams on his 69th birthday back in 1978.

Bill Payne (husband of Danise Payne) has a website where he's posted some of his wonderful circus photos...

These photographs were taken during my various travels on different circuses through the years. Their time span goes from 1978 (Bobby Kay’s 69th Birthday Party) when I worked with Ringling Bros. Circus until 2003 (Young Dancer) which was taken while I was working on The UniverSoul Big Top Circus. I have had various jobs on these shows. I spent many years as a saxophone player with Ringling Bros. Circus but at various times I have worked as a Roustabout (a working man) which in the circus is the lowest, least paying job on the circus, to prop man, then lighting and sound, stage manager…the list goes on forever! The life (for me) was great. It allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people from all over the world, my life has been totally enriched from the experience.

Bill has asked me to leave the watermark on the photos as he's looking into a possible book deal.

To visit his site, please click here.

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