Monday, April 21, 2008

MITCH FREDDES: Bobby Kay's Dream

Photo courtesy of Jonathan "Mitch" Freddes

Mitch told me a story on the phone the other day about how he was having terrible trouble coming up with a makeup at Clown College.

One day Bobby Kay, Mitch's makeup instructor, told him that he's had a dream the night before about a perfect makeup for Mitch.

And proceeded to make Mitch up with the above face, the one he graduated Clown College and began his circus career with.


Mike Naughton said...

Yes, I remember this makeup in CC '74. I thought the eye brows were most expressive.
Mitch experimented with a horizontally-insipred half august and half white face.

It looked like he had fainted and the color was just returning to his face!

Jonathan, always the same as a good friend should be.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream that Mitch would leave his weekly pay on top of his trunk 3 times in one season and have it stolen... Wait a minute. That really happened. Nevermind.