Friday, October 20, 2006

Toto Photos

One of my favorite Ringling clowns of the 80s was Ron "Toto" Johnson, a wonderful clown and a really great guy. Toto is still very active in clowning, does Ringling advance work and acts as "guest clown" on several shows as they pass through his part of Iowa.

Here are a few photos from his 22 years in the world of circus clowning.

Black and white headshot from the 1989 RBBB Red unit.

On 9 foot stilts during Opening (1988 RBBB Red unit).

Out of makeup at Clown College 1985.

Find out more info on Toto and his career at


JustLarry said...

Yey, Toto!
The greatest Mentor a young clownie can have!
In the first few moments I met him I discoverd that
1.We have the same crap in our wallets (but he had more money)
2. No one calls him Ron Johnson
3. How to properly execute a 108 (by showing me)
He is a good guy and a GREAT clown.

Anonymous said...

Actually I call him Ron - but only when he's out of make-up.
But I'm a Brit - so what do I know?!


Anonymous said...

Wow...what an honor to be included in "The Alley" with so many great clowns!
I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy...

Halaloo said...

Toto is very deserving to be listed here! Great Clown and a great person. Always willing to share and a wonderful exaple to new and expeiranced Clowns alike.
Keep up the good work Toto!

Hal "Halaloo" Grant