Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Night at the Movies: Curly Howard and Lou Costello

Two of the all-time great American screen clowns face off against oysters...

Jerome "Curly" Howard battles an oyster in the Three Stooges short DUTIFUL BUT DUMB (1941)

Lou Costello seems to have ordered the exact same stew a few years later in Abbott and Costello's HERE COME THE COEDS (1945)

Curly Howard and Lou Costello: Compare, contrast and discuss.

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GregDeSanto said...

Billy Bevan did this bit in some obscure silent comedy in the 1920's. Del Lord directed Billy, and later directed the Stooges. Felix Adler (the writer, not the clown) wrote for almost all the major screen comics dating back to Sennett and continued to the last Stooge shorts in the 50's. The routine seems to fall into that public domain -land of classic sight gags. Bud & Lou also did it with a frog in the soup from the 'Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap" film, and the Stooges trotted it out with Moe & Shemp & Larry each performing it in the 1950's.