Friday, July 01, 2011

RYAN & STEVE: Kelly-Miller Circus (2011)

Video courtesy of M Lane Talburt

I saw the Kelly-Miller show a few weeks back in Secaucus, NJ and, from the moment it started til the finale, it was probably the very best circus (outside of Big Apple) that I have seen in 15-20 years!!!

Gone are the lackluster "thrill" acts of a few years back, replaced with an extremely well-paced, well presented performance that puts the rest of the industry to shame.

The near capacity audience was ecstatic... and so was I. This was the circus that I've wanted to take my son to for almost nine years. The one that has the smell of elephants and cotton candy, has funny clowns and great acts presented with a professional attention to detail. This is showmanship! This was a real honest-to-goodness CIRCUS under canvas!

It was wonderful to see.

Check the Kelly Miller website to see when the show is in your area and DO NOT MISS IT!