Friday, July 24, 2009

ROBERT NELSON: The Butterfly Man

A great comedy brain that I was fortunate enough to have the privlege to pick for several years at Motionfest, Mr. Robert Nelson.

THE NITWITS: Lily of Laguna

Without any introduction on this clip I'm not sure if this is The Nitwits, Nuts & Bolts or another version of the group.

YEFIM SHIFRIN: Celebrity Circus of the Russian Stars

I'm not sure who the clown is but this looks like another clip from the Russian "Circus of the Stars" show.

Isn't this one of Yuri Nikulin's routines?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

KEITH CRARY: Great Circus Parade 2009

Photos by Art Talaugon, courtesy of Verne Langdon

Mr. Crary, an award-winning Hollywood makeup artist, does Ernest Borgnine's Bobby Kay-designed makeup before each parade.

I don't think Keith performs much anymore but I wish that some show would hire his services for promotional work. He's probably America's greatest living picture clown and his extravagant clown wardrobe and meticulous makeup would add an immeasurable amount of genuine razzle-dazzle and lend the air of classic, old fashioned professional showmanship that is sorely lacking in most contemporary American circus promotion.