Friday, July 24, 2009

THE NITWITS: Lily of Laguna

Without any introduction on this clip I'm not sure if this is The Nitwits, Nuts & Bolts or another version of the group.


Anonymous said...

want to know about smiley daly the clown and son john daly who is one too

Pat Cashin said...

If you use the "Search Blog" feature in the upper left hand side of, you can search both of their names and find all of the photos that I have for both father and son.

If you've got more, PLEASE share!


Raffaele De Ritis said...

This is the Nit Wits version in Stockolm, 1977.
This is a part of the long edition of legendary tv show "Clowns Clowns" (George Carl, Joe Jackson, Rastelli, etc.).

Pat Cashin said...

Alright, I have one version of that special that seems to be "the American edit" (among other acts the Rastellis open, Pompoff-Thedys and Joe Jackson in the middle and Charlie Rivel closes), and have recently gotten another "Japanese Edit" that also features George Carl and Pio Nock.

Now you are telling me that both of these versions fail to feature THE NITWITS?!?

OK, who has a copy of this "Long Version" on DVD and how do I get myself one?

Any longer that the two I already have and this sounds like it would have Slivers Oakley and my son Shane in it.

John said...

The Swedish series was sold to several countries, and "overdubbed" into the relevant language. Fortunately most of the material is visual.

Unknown said...

Ok, the situation is a little intricated.
In my years of consulting the Italian RAI State TV for circus programs, I luckily improved my knowledge about rights and editions of the circus material broadcasted around.
The show was filmed in Stockolm in January 1977, as a co-production of several European channels. Some countries had a 60 minutes special, sometimes each one different from the other. Others bought two different 60 minutes specials, one to be broadcasted in 1977, the other one in 1978, but none of the two with the complete cast.Furthermore, the editing of single act varies according the editions, so virtually a definitive edition doesn't exists.
Some of the editions also features a beautiful opening sequence with the clowns in the snow approaching to the circus.
Each clown sequence has a nice backstage intro with make up and brief interview.
Anyway, the complete cast, varied in the edition combinations, was:

Galetti (slack wire)
Rastelli (classic entree)
George Carl (microphone)
Charlie Rivel (chair)
Joe Jackson (bicycle)
Chickys (mirror entree)
Pio Nock (plates entree)
Nitwits (Temptations + Lily of Laguna)
Buby and Jule (aerial cradle comedy)Eric Brown (tramp with dog)
Thedy Pompoff and co. (musical routine)
Gino Donati (hand balancing on piano)
Fattini (swinging pole)
Barios (comedy car)

Slivers and Shane are at the moment still missing from the existing editions.

I think I will slowly and gently start to infestate my Youtube channel with that.

Raffaele De Ritis said...

The previous post was me: I was just writing from another computer, so I've been listed as Isabella...