Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Tell me, if I posted this photo and said it was a video screen grab from a local TV kids show in 1965, that anyone would know that it was actually taken last Saturday?

This isn't a "lost art" yet. It may be down but it isn't over. There are still many talented people out there who know how to do this in the classic style. It's a shame show producers don't call them more often.


Photos courtesy of Barry Phillips and Penny Wilson Rodriguez

Dave Sheppard and Barry DeChant relaxing in the Alley.

Sherri Sheppard and Jackie LeClaire getting ready (with Sandy Kozik in the background).

Sandy, Toby Ballantine and Elmo Gibb going over some last minute details.

A partial Alley photo: Sandy, Elmo, Barry Phillips, Toby Ballantine and Graham "Coco Jr" Ahrhart.

Two Kings of the Ring: Jackie and Sandy (with Toby in the background).

Ace Producing Clown, Elmo Gibb

Elmo and Sandy showing off their customized Square Circles.

Barry Phillips considering a trim from Elmo's Atomic Hair Grower (performed at the request of Mr. Buckles Woodcock).

Elmo's Bakery oven with his Levitation props in the back.


THE FOSSETTS & LITTLE BILLY: Great Yarmouth (1976)

Photo courtesy of Sue Lenz

Jacko Fossett, Little Billy Merchant, Father David, Connie Fossett outside the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus in 1976.

TICKEY: With Lou (1982)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Photos courtesy of Barry Phillips

Jackie LeClaire, Barry Phillips & Graham "Coco Jr" Ahrhart

International Clown Hall of Fame inductees Steve Smith and Jackie Le Claire

The sign on the Alley door featuring images of Prince Paul, Mark Anthony, Peggy Williams and Lou Jacobs

Jackie and Barry "Bonzo" DeChant

There is not a word yet, for old friends who've just met: Jackie rehearsing with Sandy Kozik

I've been told by several people that Jackie and Sandy got along famously. I'm very glad to hear that as Sandy has wanted to meet Jackie for years and was greatly looking forward to working with him.

More to come...

MIGUELITO: Holiday Carnival (2010)

Miguelito... the chef... doing magic... with a puppet... dog.

I'm sold! Consider me a Miguelitist!!!