Thursday, July 30, 2009


Congratulations go out today to Coney Island Chris Allison for advancing to the next round on America's Got Talent last night as well as to Michael Rosman who appears (from the back) on the front page of today's Washington Post!


Link discovered by Jon Davison

Jean Pierre Melville's first film, the 1945 short 24 HOURS IN THE LIFE OF A CLOWN featuring the great Medrano clown, Béby. His whiteface parter here is Maïss, not his better known partner Umberto "Antonet" Guillaume, who passed away in 1935.

This print of the film is rather unfortunately "narrarated" in Russian over the original French soundtrack.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TOM DOUGHERTY REMEMBERS: RBB&B Blue Unit Clown Alley (1979)

Photos courtesy of Tom Dougherty,
restored by Todd Robinson of Sure Service Photo in Neptune, NJ

Tom gave me these great photos as slides when I saw him in Baltimore a few months back. I dropped them off with Todd who cleaned up, and color-corrected, the images for us...

Terry Parsons

Peter Pitofsky and Prince Paul Alpert

Ricky Parrott

Tuba Heatherton, John Wilkenson, Kelly Tansy and Mitchell Beal

Jeff Loseff

Tom Dougherty

Bernice Collins, Judy Beth Ashworth, Peggy King

Peter Pitofsky, Judy Beth Ashworth, Terry Parsons, Kenny Columbo,
Scott Parker, Ricky Parrott, Danny Rogers, Barry Lubin and Joe Wesson.

The Prince!