Thursday, April 11, 2024

Happy Birthday, Bill Irwin

 Happy 74th birthday to one of the absolute best, Mr. Bill Irwin.

Birthday Greetings by Jason & Justin Senft
Photo: Mark Seliger

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Nick & Squid: Movie Act

From Nick: 

NiCK & SQUiD are a clown duo currently based out of Dallas, TX USA. Previous employers include but are not limited to: "Lone Star Circus", "Circus Espana" and the historic Italian circus "Circo Peppino Medini". NiCK & SQUiD's style of clowning is a mix of Theatre and Circus. By implementing strong visual elements, storytelling, humor and audience participation their content can be easily understood by various cultures around the world. Nick is a second generation circus clown and when he found Squid in 2015 he instantly fell in love with her!