Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Charlie Rivel I Clown [1979]


Charlie Rivel, contemporary and friend of Grock, is one of the last great clowns of his generation. When he came to Cortaillod for one of his last shows, Bernard Guillaume-Gentil asked him to tell about his memories, his successes, his best audience and the future of clowns.

What is a great clown? For Rivel: “He is a kind and innocent man. Everyone laughs at him, but he is more intelligent than the others, because it is more difficult to be a fool than an intelligent man.

Charlie Rivel, was born in Spain near Barcelona on April 23, 1896, whose real name was Josep Andreu i Lasserre. From the age of 3, he played in circuses with his father. The latter had fled the famine in Spain for Paris. During a tour in Belgium, he met Charlie Chaplin and a few years later, Rivel imitated Charlot in an acrobatic number. It is a success. Another number with his acrobat brothers will make him even more famous.

Charlie Rivel died at the age of 87, near Barcelona.