Wednesday, December 03, 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS: Good Morning America from the Big Apple Circus

Just in case anyone cares what I think, I hate every single moment of this with the intensity of a million white dwarf stars exploding into supernova simultaneously.

I hate it like I hate war.

I hate it like I hate cancer.

I hate it like I hate Nazis.

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it.

I find the fact that the Big Apple Circus would knowingly and actively participate in yet another crass ma$$-media degradation of the image and medium of circus deeply disheartening.

That said, I am well aware that absolutely no one involved gives a damn what I think.


Dick Dykes said...

I want to second what you just said!

seasideshowman said...

I believe that is Chris Allison at about :23 secs doing the fire spitting ... and he comes back at the end of the bit, too. Definately the best thing that happened during that whole display.

Cap'n Mike
Myrtle Beach, SC

Anonymous said...

Pat, I agree with everything you said - I also hate it!

John Peters

Matthew said...

Yes, that is Chris.

I hated the thing as well, but it seems that this year, with the nationwide money troubles, Big Apple is really buying into the idea that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Howard Wahlberg said...

As the former Marketing Director for BAC, I was as disgusted as anyone. Budgets being what they are, Mr. Paul often gives (or gave, in my day) the OK to some pretty outlandish stunts--few of which had anything to do with promoting real circus. On the other hand, they put butts in seats, which is what keeps the paychecks being signed and the lights coming on (or, in the case of show-time, going to half)

Anonymous said...


Don't hold back...tell us what you really think.


Pat Cashin said...

While I certainly understand, especially in these uncertain financial times, the desire to have the Big Apple Circus associated with an huge international star of Ms. Spears' magnitude, bask in the reflected glow of her highly anticipated comeback and help possibly cross-promote the BAC to a much larger national audience...

This just stank.

Stank bad.

Real bad.

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate it.

I've had a better time with the flu.


Anonymous said...

I know...I know...It galls me too to see such meritricious horse- hockey gilding the lilly that is BAC...


Would Barnum have scrupled to add Britney to the managerie that included The Fiji Mermaid or Tom Thumb's Wedding (BTW, was there a precursor to Prop 8 to cover this kind of thing?)? Or the Bros. Ringling themselves???

It is, after all, the "Amusement Business" as the late, lamented magazine had it...and an earlier poster reminded us all that "show business" is "show" and "business..."

That having been said...I hated it too, Pat!

Where is Merle Evans when you need him?
--Michael Karp

Bob Kelmer said...

Pat! I'm with you my friend! At least Kiss's Psycho Circus made more sense! Please no more running circus names into the Mud--err unless your a Mud Show not Mud Hoe!

Anonymous said...

Yep - I HATED it too ... but if you think that was bad - Wait till Britney gets out of the Clown Car with no panties on!

Wes said...

I have not had the honor to work in the circus before as you have, but I do have a very deep appreciation of it.

Do you think on some level that it would help draw attention to the Circus.

I can also see it from your point of view.

Anonymous said...

While it was a showcase for the Flavor of the Month, it did NOTHING to enhance or elevate the stature of BAC in the minds of its fans or possible future patrons.

Horse shit is horse shit no matter what color spray paint you use.

After viewing today's garbage,
What do you think people who NEVER attended BAC would expect to see IF they were so inclined to do so?
A fire eater? Think about it. They can go to Coney Island and see that any day.

Anonymous said...

gag me with a maggot!

Mark Lavender said...


Anonymous said...

The showmanship of it has to be appreciated. Also mixing (whether you want to admit it or not it's true) a very hot chick with the main love of my life and current occupation, circus. Is a wonderful thing. If all the ringmasters looked like that the arenas would always be filled!

Anonymous said...

Put on your panties, your demographics are showing.

Did anyone at BAC think that co-promoting with Britney would really sell tickets? After all promoting is all about ticket SALES!

The target group that watch BRITNEY is not the section of the population that will swipe their American Express card for 6 tickets at $65. each.

Obviously the marketing genius at BAC is a recent graduate DAABOR Online University...DAABOR is Dumb as a Box of Rocks.

I wonder where he/she will be working next week.

Anonymous said...

Did she have her butt crack removed? I mean, where was it?

Circus... sex... hmmm. I'll have to think about it...

Anonymous said...

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, packed on the streets with families and broadcasted across the world via NBC-TV is more appropriate for promoting a sterling family event than BS (Britney Spears).

Grandma, the icon of BAC, who is featured on the Macy's broadcast is a more appropriate female for promoting the show. Grandma always wears her bloomers.

Anonymous said...

I loved it! I thought it was the most amazing showing of true circus...OK...time to wipe the barf off my keyboard.


Anonymous said...

"I can't tell you", I think you may have the marketing genius at BAC confused with somweone else. My research indicates that the BAC marketeer did not graduate from DAABOR but in fact, is a graduate of "DTABOH" (Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers). I know it seems like an insignificant detail but let's give credit where credit is due.



Mark Lavender said...

"Circus... sex... hmmm. I'll have to think about it..."

Umm, is that anything like "carnival... knowledge..."?

Howard Wahlberg said...

Although I'm not the current marketing genius at BAC, I used to be that person. I always find it hilarious that those of you whose paychecks are signed by circus managers and owners are the first to criticize. It's a business, like any other. I also graduated Ringling CC in 1984, so my cred as a former performer is clear.
Oh, and the person who said it's the wrong demographic? You're half right. It's when the young females tell their parents to swipe their credit card for tickets that I'm sure the current marketing genius was shooting for.
--Howard Wahlberg
BAC 1986-1990
Arena Stage 1990-1994

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see the Circus being put in the spot light. Let's all remember that the Circus used to be the place to see the most amazing spectacles of the modern day. Now, so many poo poo any difference in Circus that strays away from the brassy music and costume types that were heard and warn in the days of Barnum.

If the Circus is to survive it has to be seen as 'hip' and relevant today, as it was so long ago... I for one welcome things like this. The more people hiring Circus performers, the more gigs there are for us! And, the more people exposed to the Circus arts, the higher the appreciation is for those who are truly great at it.

Anonymous said...

Teens are the last ones to think that the circus is "cool" and they want their parents to go to the circus with them.

Therefore, tweenies and teens watching the BS of Britney Spears (another BS) will not be bugging their parents to buy tickets. Marketing 101.

Geniuses and former geniuses take note.
Wanted: parents with wallets.

Anonymous said...

BS is not, has never been or will ever be an amazing spectacle in entertainment.

You want a classy match -- the Boston Pops in the Big Apple tent.

That was class, not trash.

The Big Apple Circus is a mainstay of Lincoln Center, when Miss BS is a mainstay of Lincoln Center, please call me so I can swipe my American Express card for front row seats.

Brrrrr, where's my overcoat, I am waiting for hell to freeze over.

Howard Wahlberg said...

If you've taught Marketing 101 (as I have, and 201 and 401), you'd be aware that, despite having the most carefully targeted PR and marketing plan, carefully understanding audience dynamics, buying behavior, and preferences, when Good Morning America calls and says they can deliver your organization's name and information to 80 million eyeballs, you cede a tiny bit of control to a deranged skanky 20-something pop star, and you say yes.

Anonymous said...

Did the record company, BAC or ABC-TV set this up? I This was blatant commercialism to sell her records and BAC became a piece of scenery.

Good taste would have been better served is MS. BS accompanied the clowns in the Clown Care Unit on their regular visits to children and spent a considerable amount of time, not just a walk-thru.

The piece did nothing for BAC's image of a top-quality event and its world-class distinction.

Ms. BS is desperately attempting a come-back. It won't work, despite her many teen followers, she really has nothing substantial to "come-back" from.

Good Taste 101.