Saturday, January 28, 2023

Bernhard Paul’s 40th Birthday 1987


Please excuse the translation:

Such a festival hadn't been there for a very long time! ✨

Circus founder, director and clown Bernhard Paul was invited to his 40th in a tent filled with 700 celebrity guests. They were cooked by 40 star chefs with a total of 40 stars from all over Germany, who came up with 40 exclusive desserts. The main course ? Vienna Schnitzel, of course! 🍽 🍽

Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Love Lucy: Lucy Hates Grapes

The Hollywood Reporter resurfaced a 1974 interview Ball did with "The Dick Cavett Show." She was asked about one of her favorite episodes, to which she said "grapes" – referencing the beloved moment from the "Lucy's Italian Movie" episode. 

However, she revealed that she thought she was going to be killed. Ball was joined by Teresa Tirelli D'Amico for the grape-stomping scene — but a language barrier kept the two from understanding one another.

Tirelli, who only spoke Italian, took an accident to heart.

"[Tirelli] was told that there would be a fight, and it was also explained to her that there were times when my legs had to come up in this huge vat of real grapes," Ball said. "I slipped and when I slipped, I hit her, accidentally. And she took offense. So, she hauled off and let me have it. This was supposed to happen, that she got right! But when she hit me ... took all the wind out of me."

"She kept me down by the throat," Ball continued. "I had grapes up my nose, in my ears, and she was choking me."