Friday, July 24, 2009

YEFIM SHIFRIN: Celebrity Circus of the Russian Stars

I'm not sure who the clown is but this looks like another clip from the Russian "Circus of the Stars" show.

Isn't this one of Yuri Nikulin's routines?


Anonymous said...

yup this is nikulins act.
done togheter with shiudin.
a stool an egg and newspaper.

is this a circus of the stars??
because their is a jury, or did i see that wrong?

the guys commenting is anoying: sounds like a footballmatch: yes there comes the egg, he puts it on the stool,...... and aww he just missed......

Raffaele De Ritis said...

This is the Russian version of Celebrity Circus. Interesting, the guys commenting seems to know the routine as something famous and popular to the audience: where else in the world this can happen for a clown routine, if not in Russia?
Nikulin was a true star...

Elmo said...

His name is Yefim Shifrin. Don't know anything about him. The name of the show is the Russian equivalent of "Circus of the Stars."