Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ALBY AUSTIN? Bertram Mills Circus, undated

I'm pretty certain that this is one of the Austins, can anyone confirm or deny that this is Alby?


Mike Naughton said...

Sue Lenz will know, drop her a line.
I think Spider Austin had the comedy car, but Sue will know for sure.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely Alby Austin when he was with Bertram Mills Circus.

Alby was married to a very famous ballerina on horseback Mona Connor.

His brother Len (Spider ) was also a first class clown, Their father was also a clown “Bandbox Austin”

I have a photo of my father Freddy Yelding on horseback with his brother Victor Julian Ringmaster and a young Spider Austin also his father Bandbox taken in about 1935. I will E-mail it to you.