Friday, March 20, 2009

LOUIE ARMSTRONG: With Jack Teagarden and the All-Stars (1958)

Up a Lazy River
Tiger Rag
Rockin' Chair - Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden
When The Saints Go Marchin' In

Outside of the fact that this set contains "Tiger Rag" I really can't make the argument that this clip has anything whatsoever to do with circus or clowning. What it does illustrate, extremely well, is awe-inspiring natural talent, artistry, showmanship and virtuosity; all of which are, individually, virtually non-existent in contemporary popular entertainment. To hope to combine them all into one person is absurd.

Louie Armstrong was so amazingly gifted at so many things that it's easy to forget while watching him just how difficult any one of them is to master to the extent that he did.

Taken from movie of the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, filmed by Bert Stern. 

The All-Stars include: Trummy Young on trombone; Billy Kyle on piano and Danny Barcelona on drums.


Anonymous said...

All the white people act like there on some heavy hallucinogen!

I agree that Louies Music is intrancing but dear lord i think these people drop some LSD before the concert!

Wes Brock

Pat Cashin said...

Yeah, that's my guess too. A lot of white college students and their first experience with jazz music and some of its traditions.

They're reacting to Louie Armstrong and Jack Teagarden the same way that white suburban college kids would react to Jimi Hendrix 10 years later.

Not that Louie doesn't deserve it, but it makes you wonder what these "hepcats" did when Monk, Miles or 'Trane hit the stage.

Aren't these the same knuckleheads who booed Dylan in 1965 when he "went electric"? Yeah, they're real gone cats for sure.

Little John said...

Thank you for that. When my 22 year old red head son was a little older than Shane I heard Louies "It a Wonderful World" being played over and over again from his room. To this day I think it is his favorite song. Truth is I think he saw it first with Muppet "Animal." I can’t wait for him to come home to see this. Yeah man, I was 2 when this was recorded; looks like our folks had some good attitude adjustments back then, the hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

The music was a pleasure! My fantasy video would be to see footage of Louis and the Hot Fives!

Regarding the audience: eh, every generation has it's affectations. I doubt that modern concert-goers will look much better viewed a half-century down the road.

Rik Gern