Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LES ROSSYAN: Carnivale in Venice (2003)

Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione


John said...

As many of you will realise, this is actually Les Rossyann and guest. Although Serio (the ringmaster/ Monsieur Loyal) does introduce him. the sond quality didn't enable me to catch his name. Although Hector is playing away from a microphone, he IS playing. He has a lapel mic. This season, he and Yann are in Switzerland with Knie.
On this clip, the orchestra would have been directed by the late and much-missed Tony Bario of the celebrated French clown family.

Anonymous said...

the "guest" is no one less then famous trumpet player and famed conductor bernard soustrot.
And off course mauro ( or hector) is playing: the two trumpets, the tuba, slide whistle ( not easy to play a melodie on) and at the end he does the highblowing on the trumpet.

They are very good musicians. possible the best ever among musical clowns. their level of trumpet playing can match many pro-musicians!

I remember this being on tv: a kind of special about the cirque 'd hiver with many interviews and les rossyans in their dressing room.

Anonymous said...

Sergio: longtime ringmaster in Monte Carlo and god knows why suddenly replaced by petit gougou ( alain andré). He still presents many circusgalas on french television.
He started his career as white face clown ( cirque 'd hiver). actually never saw a picture of him in that role.