Thursday, October 22, 2009

ADVANCED STUDIES: Clown Car (2008)

The classic clown car gag (with EXCELLENT pacing) performed at Leon McBryde's Advanced Studies in 2008.

For more on Leon's program (and his great clown noses), visit


Anonymous said...

When I bought the car I new I would have to do the classic routine. At Advanced Studies, Leon says to me "What big gag did you bring this year?" I told him how about we do the clown car and the rest is history. The coolest thing was it was an ordinary car that we gutted on the spot and put back together to drive home.

P.S. I was the cab driver

Jeffrey "Bungles" Potts

clownron said...

12 + driver was pretty damn good.

We added lots of foam props that could be compressed. (cowboy hats, sledge hammers, etc.) We had a Datsun fastback 210. I think we got 17 inside counting me. I drove the car on the Red Unit for 2 years. Loved that gag.

Way to go Leon!