Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Can anyone identify the two clowns in this clip? Does anyone know the year?


Anonymous said...

They are the Manetti Brothers, Rene and Burri. There is a chapter on them in the book "Clowning through", by british ringmaster Frank Foster, first published in 1937, and in it the author describes this act. So this routine was performed for a while by that year... Marcelo Melison.

Sue Lenz said...

The wire act is Patrick & Flo Stephenson of the famous Stephenson Dog Act,

The two clowns are The Manetti brothers.

The other clowns are Len (Spider) and Alby Austin, Percy Huxter and Little Billy Merchant.

Clem Merk with the Lion act.

John Gindl presenting the Liberty horses and the elephants.

Not sure of the exact year, either 1946/7/8.

Kindest regards.