Sunday, March 20, 2016

POODLES HANNEFORD: New York Clipper (April 7, 1920)


The complaint of Poodles Hanneford, the Hippodrome clown, charging the May Wirth act with infringing upon his material, which gave rise to considerable discussion among both vaudeville and circus folk when it was filed with the N. V. A ., has been settled in favor of the Wirth act. According to the decision of the complaint board, the infringements which Hanneford claimed against the Wirth act have and are being used by scores of equestrians. Expert testimony was given to this effect by Charles Ringling, Toto, and a number of other circus folk. However, it has been suggested that Phil, the comedian in the Wirth act, change his makeup, which, it was contended, is identical to that of Poodles .

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