Monday, August 24, 2020

Last Call: ICHOF Shirts and Masks


The International Clown Hall of Fame has a brand new t-shirt on sale featuring artwork from renowned clown artist Jim Howle, and also a snazzy ICHOF clown mask.
Here's the thing, supplies are limited and the cut off date for ordering is August 31st!

The majority of the content for this blog comes from the ICHOF archives, so if you would like to help support an institute that strives to preserve and promote clown history, this is a fun and fashionable way to do so!

Order details can be found in the first photo down below. 

Click the photo above for ordering details!

Jim Howle artwork of the very first group of clowns inducted into the ICHOF

Executive director Greg DeSanto modeling his new mask

Thank you for your time! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming!

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