Friday, October 20, 2006

Donni Stambaugh

Photos courtesy of Donald Stambaugh

Some photos of frequent contributor Donald Stambaugh. I'll let Donni describe them for you...


Well here are some of my photos Two of them were taken in Phila Shrine date where I guested in 79 as I am a member of that temple.

I might mention here a circus fan from that area came out every year took about 10 shots of each clown & the next year he gave them to you as a gift I don't knowhow many other performers he did that for but would not be surprised if he didn't do many of them

The 3rd pix is of me & Jerry Lipko's chimp "sammi" in Lincoln Neb. He jumped out of Jerry's arms into mine I was really scared as we all know chimps love of clowns This one was different we were fiends from then on sammi was 3 years old

More to come later,


Thanks again Donni!

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