Thursday, November 08, 2007

VAS AND STAS: St. Petersburg

Russian clowns Vas and Stas.


Anonymous said...


the first part of the act with the stick what is that??

comedy with some violence in it.

or pure violence disguised as commedy.

don't like it one bit:
dit is agresive!!

justlarry said...

they are trying to a perch act that is why thy are using the pole.

I have seen these guys live and they are very funny (and now going to the Gold unit I hear)

Anonymous said...

Seems to come from the "Jackass" school of comedy/violence typical of today. Maybe the pounding music seems to make it worse...?


Anonymous said...

ah thats explains a lot.

they trying to do a perch act.
because in the way you see this video you tottaly don't get the idea.

and the way the edited it with the cuts and the slow motions and the music makes it indeed kind of jackass weird comedy.

if they don't explain it it looks indeed a lot worse than it possibly is

the thing in the second half with the applaus on the chair is done a lot by "herman van veen". he does it exactly the same.

a dutch comedian who does al lot of clowning stuff ( and the writer of alfred judocus kwak)

Anonymous said...

I watched that part with the sound off and it was a lot better. Now, if I could only see it without that gimmicky editing!

Rik Gern

Anonymous said...

hmm yes you're wright:

with the sound off it improves a lot.

maybe iff they explain that it is a reprise on a perch act and leave the editing there would be a whole other act.

strange wreally strange, how messes up his own material like this.

normally you want to present your act in an optimal form.

his is making a mess of it.
and on purpose... weird.