Monday, January 14, 2008

MIKE SMITH: The Big Red One

Link submitted by Joel Heidtman

The first of a trilogy.

Please click the title of this post to view the website of the Three Rivers Resort in Koosia, Idaho.

When making a reservation, remember to tell Mike and Lara that you are interested in the "Big Red One Getaway Weekend" package.


Pat Cashin said...

I like the set design.

Where was this shot? Abu Gharib?

Does it read "stand clear" underneath him?

Brian Foley said...

I have such a comedy crush on Mike Smith. I always have.

Of course, I only let ex lovers of mine treat my junk that way. Metaphorically, of course. Current lovers have literal access, and are welcomed to it.

Anonymous said...

Good taste, H.


Anonymous said...

mike your as goofy as when I first met you... but I want to know who has the great aim? is that you Lara...Pam