Friday, January 02, 2009

CLOWN COLLEGE REUNION 2007: Treasures From the Archives

Some photos courtesy of Mary Wise

When Greg and Karen DeSanto plan a Clown College Reunion you'd best believe it will be a serious opportunity to view a wealth of extremely rare American circus clown history artifacts...

In the Circus World Museum's basement: Felix Adler's 50's era shoes.
(Could these even have been worn? These look like they were just delivered by Griffin!)

Felix's trunk

Otto Griebling's trunk

Otto's shoes and Western Union hat

Otto's vest

From the Jim Parker Collection on display at Tim Tegge's house: 
Otto Griebling and Freddie Freeman's boxing gloves


Anonymous said...

A number of years ago CWM had these artifacts very nicely on display in their showcases. I don't understand why they do not have them displayed for everyone to enjoy now. These days they seem to have all but ignored the contribution of the clowns to the circus with a very small and disorganized display.
Unless things have changed in the last year or two, it is very sad.


Anonymous said...

I clearly agree with Sany's comments. When these artifacts were donated, they was not intented for stoage, but display purposes for everyones enjoyment. I hope the CWM will consider putting these items on display.

John Peters

Anonymous said...

I have the lace up version of these same boxing gloves in my trunk at home. They must be at least 60 years old. I used them for 3 years on the red 73-76... MAN would they POP!!! I still have the side of Mark's face on one glove when he forgot to duck.


...or did I swing early!?!