Saturday, January 03, 2009



It may be impossible to predict how Barack Obama will fare as president, but The Amazing Kreskin, the famous mentalist, has some definite insights on what we may expect in 2009. Kreskin, who predicted in December 2007 that Obama would break out of the field of 12 Democratic candidates and be elected president, told us some very shocking political events we can expect in the next few years. 

The self-described “thought reader” (“I don’t consider myself a psychic,” he clarified), who made more than 190 appearances in 2008, said he “gets feelings” about what is going to happen in the new year, particularly how Obama will do as president. Kreskin believed that “Obama will effectively tune into the needs of the American people.” He threw in the caveat, however, that John McCain “would have achieved the same results,” owing to the recession boxing in the new commander in chief. Speaking of the recession, unfortunately Kreskin said it was going to last another “4 1/2 years.” 

Kreskin told us “the only chance Obama will not win a second term has to do with Hillary Clinton.” He hinted that he “doesn’t quite know how,” but Clinton will be elected in 2012. But in terms of the next four years, Kreskin said Clinton “will get along with Obama, but please, put ‘get along’ in quotes.” Consider it done.

As for Hillary’s husband, he will keep a “behind-the-scenes” position while his wife is secretary of state. 

One event people will not need worry about, especially us Washingtonians, is the inauguration. “I have great confidence there,” Kreskin said. “I wouldn’t feel nervous [about] terrorists. If anything happens, it will be from drinking participants.”

Kreskin didn’t stick to just politics, either. Some other unusual predictions we received were:

» the “rebirth” of traveling by trains

» “renewed importance in the clown”

» bartenders developing an important role in therapy

» cell phones banned from all restaurants

» increase in the popularity of shepherd’s pie

» fewer divorces because it’s too expensive

» sales of drapes will increase to save homes money from heating and cooling bills.

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