Thursday, January 29, 2009

FUMA BOYS: Circo Massimo

OK, that's Fumagalli and Daris. Are the other performers their sons?


Anonymous said...

Despite the caption at the end of the clip, it's not The Talo Boys but The Fuma Boys, the act being "inspired" by The Talo Boys. Here the others are not Fuma's sons, although the act has been performed with those 2 boys, plus another member -whoever was available. For example, on Benneweis in 2006 it was Marek Benneweis. I have seen several different people working with the older Huesca brothers.

Anonymous said...

Further to my previous comment, no doubt many will be thinking "Well, who are they, then?". I believe this is the personnel who performed the act on Knie in 2005. From memory (meaning that I can't find the programme) one of the others is a Steve Caroli, presumably son of Enrico Caroli, who is virtually a fixture on Knie in various capacities. The tall guy I was told was Patrick Rossel, again resident with Knie, but normally in a managerial role more than anything. The remaining person is a member of the house company.
Maybe Raffaele can provide more definite identification.

At Kronebau in February 2006, the personnel of the act was the 2 generations of Huescas, plus Rudi Brukson, who is related. I believe his mother is sister to Fumagalli and Darix.
At Cirque d'Hiver a few years earlier, we had the older Huescas, plus Hector Rossyann, Alberto Caroli, and one of the house company.
I believe the debut of The Fuma Boys came on Roncalli where the older Huescas were joined by The Stevens Brothers (who were on the show with their own act) and another person. This was the personnel who performed the number at Monte Carlo.

Any corrections or additions, Raffaele?

Raffaele De Ritis said...

They employed different partners according the seasons. Here they are with the Errani risley brothers.

Raffaele De Ritis said...

Talo Boys was the name of the original act of the 20s from where Bernhard Paul took inspiration to recreate this act in late 90s. He conceived, designed, directed it and selected the music.When Fumagalli split from Roncalli, he kept doing it with name Fuma Boys.