Saturday, February 07, 2009

LE PETIT BONHOMME EN MOUSSE: Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde

Link suggested by Mike Naughton

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Mike Naughton said...


This would be a natural for the ED SULLIVAN SHOW if we weren't living 40 years ago in our minds.

But maybe we are not "out of touch" since this very popular television show, "THE WORLD'S LARGEST CABARET" has delighted the folks in Europe.

A show like this might not fly in today's USA television market since the content has been "dumb-downed".

We might have to gather our tapes and memories and head to PBS, ala the DOO WHOOP groups, and raise money for Public Television just so we can watch variety acts.

As a kid my friends would watch ED SULLIVAN for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. I watched ED SULLIVAN for the acrobats, animals acts and Topo Gigo (the Italian mouse puppet).

This little stick puppet is delightful, charming and most engaging.