Sunday, June 28, 2009

THE AUSTINS: Comedy Rag Doll Act, Circus Ginnett


John said...

Patrick Austin and his wife Liza. Patrick's father is Mike Austin, a good friend of Sue Lenz, for one. Mike's father was Len "Spider" Austin, whose brother Alby worked at least one season in the USA, although I don't recall with which show. With Little Billy Merchant, Len and Alby were "The 3 Austins" who did several winter seasons at Belle Vue, Manchester, England, and elsewhere.

John said...

Trust me to forget something!!!
Circus Ginnett has been presented by both Patrick and Liza, and Mike and his wife Jouanita at various times. Why Ginnett of all possible names? It's the maiden name of Mike's late mother.
This season Patrick and Liza are in Norway with Cirkus Zorba.