Thursday, July 02, 2009

CHRIS ALLISON: Congratulations!!!

Congratulations go out to 2009 Award winner Chris Allison for his spectacular job this week on America's Got Talent where he advanced to the next round in Las Vegas.

The same three judges that immediately eliminated three greasepaint clowns last week, before they had even begun their act, were absolutely loving "Coney Island Chris".

This is not footage from last night's broadcast, it's from a live show, but contains the complete routine without network television editing.


Dan McCallum said...

I caught the very end of Chris' act, but I did see the judges reation.

They loved it!!!

Congats Chris!!!!


Rik Gern said...

Chris Allison is a genuinely funny guy. I didn't see him on TV, so thanks for posting this.

Chris, if you're reading this, do you also still perform in greasepaint?

Rik Gern