Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SHANE: Washer Woman Gag (Circus Camp '09)

Shane and a partner performing the classic Washer Woman gag for the very first time today after watching several archival videos and getting coached by Michael Rosman, Dean "Elmo Gibb" Chambers and me.

He got a very nice laugh by starting off with his "Why I oughta..."

Yesterday we did the Boxing Gag, tomorrow we have Pie Day. This is my first year as stilt instructor and we have a great group. All 31 kids (ages 6-14) were walking by the end of Monday and today 10 kids progressed from "stiltz" to real peg stilts.

More photos to come.


Dan McCallum said...


Where is this circus camp?

Also..please tell Elmo I said hi.


Pat Cashin said...


All 10 weeks are in the Baltimore area.

I'll give Elmo your best and try to get him up to NJ to visit.

And I heard from Sue last week that Vidbels has a string of sponsored dates scheduled starting in a few weeks. I'll post more info when I hear more.