Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CLOWN ALLEY: Franzen Bros. Circus (1990)

Photo and comments courtesy of Ron Yarborough

Jellybean, Boo-Boo and a young fan...

I did a short stint with Franzen Bros. Circus back in 1990. I found this picture of Jellybean and me that made the front page of the local town paper. We were doing meet & greet during intermission and I remember this child was not at all happy to have his picture taken. Great memories of the good ol mud show days.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely ADORE JB "JellyBean" Dick...and his wife Phyllis.

When I clowned at the old Circus World theme park in Florida...right out of high school in 1985...JB gave me a ride to work every day and became a good friend. He kept an eye on me that summer (it was my first time away from home)and really took me under his wing.

A few years later...after I had clowned on RBBB and some overseas gigs...JB and I ended up working a few more contracts together. We were "The Circus of Clowns" at Riverside Amusement Park in Massachussetts in 1992. We did a 1 month winter tour of Florida with "The Great American Circus" in 1994. We clowned together..winning a Bronze the Sarasota International Circus Festival.

"Toto" Johnson

Mat C. said...

I did a season with Franzen a couple years later. Dick spoke very highly of both of you. Often. Very, very often. To the point of making me feel a very inadequate clown indeed. :\

But Jellybean blew halfway through the season. I got his water hose job, though. Good gig.

Unknown said...

I worked 4 summers with JB on Franzen Bros and had a great time. JB is such a professional clown and a great guy. JB and Phyllis became family to me both on and off the road.

I also worked Great American Circus and Royal Hanneford, from time to time, when Tommy was playing locally and needed a clown. He usually didn't have one on the show.

Caught JB abd Ron at Riverside Park and love the show.

I admit that the most fun I had was working with JB, and that's what it's all about. Entertaining and having fun while doing it.

Linda "Derf" Nichols