Thursday, September 17, 2009

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: Banana Shpeel on AGT

A preview of Cirque du Soleil's new production, BANANA SHPEEL, from last night's America's Got Talent can be viewed here.

I had some really good oatmeal this morning. I was going to make some for Shane but he wanted Lucky Charms instead.


Mark Lavender said...

Oatmeal is truly good stuff, but it's never been "magically delicious".

Anonymous said...

Do you got Capt. Crunch too?

Mat Coes said...

with a lowercase w

that was electrifying, in the strictly 9volt sense.

BAMBOUK said...

" . . . and now, please welcome your cruise director . . . David SHINER!!"

Kenneth Feld said...

"Thank you and please enjoy the rest of your day at Six Flags!"

Anonymous said...

Looks like america's got no talent tonight.

Keith Karas

Elmo Gibb said...

Passable choreography and music. The costuming leaves a lot to be desired. The black hoofers need to be in something that ties them together. Shiner should know better than to let this kind of crap happen. Cirque has always kept a tradition of anonymous performers. The baggy pants "comics" kill it by introducing themselves, followed by that useless "I love you, man" nonsense. Just get into the funny stuff. There's tons of good vaudeville stuff on YouTube. Maybe somebody at Cirque shoulod watch some of it.


Anonymous said...

As many performers know, it is very difficult to present a show in a limited showcase setting. All in all, aside from the strange comedy duo opening, I rather enjoyed the performance.

I will reserve my judgment until I see the full (preview) show in Chicago.

Kenny Ahern