Saturday, December 05, 2009


Shane Patrick Cashin, Dec. 5th, 2002

Mommo made sure that Shane's first stop on his way home from the hospital was to visit Santa and Knucklehead at the Galleria in Red Bank.

Shane today, a seven year old big brother (who is reading at the very top of his class and just got his third consecutive perfect score on this week's Math test) taking Jamie to visit Grandpa at the Galleria in Red Bank.


Shane's very first word, before a clear "Mommy" or "Daddy" was an extremely clear "BATMAAAAAAAAAAAN!" after hearing the theme song to the 1966 television show for the first time.

Shane with Adam West

Shane with Burt Ward

Shane with Frank Gorshin

Shane has met Batman several times and Batman has been known to drop in on Shane's birthday parties.

Shane has even been fortunate enough to sit in the #5 (Chinery) Batmobile on several occasions and this past summer he even got to sit on the Batcycle.

What ultra-cool Batman present will Shane get for his birthday this year?

Tune in tomorrow!

Shane Bat-time,
Shane Bat-channel!!!


Drew Richardson said...

Happy Foolish Birthday, Shane!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shane!

Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Shane!

May your birthday be so wonderful that you're tempted to dance the batuzi!

...but you won't, as you have too many presents to unwrap, and birthday cake to eat.

All the best to a wonderful boy and a wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bat-Birthday, Shane!!!! (And good for you on your sterling school record!!) Cut loose and go totally Batsh....oooops!......ummmmm.... Ahem! Ask your father....

Michael Karp