Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BETTY HUTTON, WALTER DAREWAHL & CO: Star Spangled Rhythm (1942)

Link courtesy of Gene Wolande

No matter how hard I try to find out the name of Mr. Darewahl's partner, no matter where they appeared they were always billed as "Walter Darewahl (or Dare Wahl) and Company.

* Tommy Moore tells me that Mr. Darewahl's partner was Johnny Trama when he appeared on the Jackie Gleason Show in the 1960s where they were still billed as "Walter Darewahl & Johnny". This footage from Star Spangled Rhythm, as well as their appearance in Top Banana may or may not all feature Mr. Trama as "& Co."

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Anonymous said...

It was Johnny Trama on the Gleason show. They also appeared with Milton Berle on Ed Sullivan and Berle's mid-60's ABC variety show.