Monday, May 10, 2010


Zirk der Ruhe (bad German for "Circus of Silence") is the new circus stage show that Andrew Scharff, Mark Lohr and I have created for hearing impared audiences. We are joined in this new venture by Michael Rosman, Noelle Burke, Lisa Oberg, Moira Lee and Shelly Guy.

Our Facebook page is up now. Our website will be up soon and our fall tour will start just as soon as we are all finished teaching circus camp and Andrew returns from Myrtle Beach. In addition to our shows on the weekends we plan to have hospital programs in Neptune, NJ, Frederick, MD and Philadelphia, PA along with our literacy school and library shows throughout the week.

Our snazzy new logo was created by the amazing Mr. Sandy Weber, the very same Sandy Weber responsible for the new ICHOF logo.

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