Wednesday, December 08, 2010



Presto R. Clown said...

What if instead of dreaming there is no Heaven and Hell, we worked to save people from Hell. Why do people want to believe there is a place called heaven, but don’t want to believe there is a place called hell?
What if instead of a dream to live as one, we worked to live for the Lord God, the only one.
What if we were willing to use the gifts and talent we have been blessed with for more than a job, but see it as a way to minister to other about true peace, and the love of God. Now that’s worth giving your life towards, that is something wroth imaging.

Pat Cashin said...

Because "God" means something different to different people around the world and religion is one of the things that divides human beings from each other.

The song's lyrics aren't saying there is or isn't a "heaven", it simply asks you to imagine if there weren't, to imagine that there weren't religions or countries or possessions to divide us, that we were all here now.

Imagine all of us, living for today.

Imagine all of us, sharing all the world.

A heaven on Earth.

You could easily read that imaginary time and place to be the Earth after the fulfillment of the Bible's prophesies... but no one ever seems to interpret it that way.

Because they can't imagine.

Presto R. Clown said...

i dont disagree, and im not intending to pick a fight rather enjoying the possibilities of living for today. I all that one does.