Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CLOWN ALLEY: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey (1931)

Photo by Edward J. Kelty


Gary said...

Let's see who we've got here.

I'll put ()s around those I'm not sure of.

Back row, 2nd from left (Paul Jerome).
Back row, 5th from right (Pat Valdo).
3rd row, 2nd from left, Felix Adler, natch.
3rd row, 6th from left, (Earl Shipley)
2nd row, 1st from left, some Paul McCullough copy
2nd row, 2nd from left, Chesty Mortimer
2nd row, 4th from left, could it be (Lou Jacobs)?
2nd row, 9th from left, Charlie Bell
Front row, 1st from left, Herman Joseph.

Lots of other familiar faces, but I don't have my reference photos handy.

Anyone, feel free to correct me!

Gary said...

Back row, 5th from left, Buck Baker.

Pat Cashin said...

Back row 2nd from left is Jack LeClair.

Third row right looks like Gijon Polidor.

Back row right is Paul Wenzel.

Front row third from right is Bluch Landolf.

Front row 4th from left is Frankie Saluto.

The whiteface next to Chesty is Charlie Smith.