Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lou Jacobs and Randy Concello

Lou Jacobs with a young Randy Concello in another of my favorites. One of the best illustrations of "The Clown as Magical Figure of Childhood Wish Fulfillment".

What child wouldn't want to spend a day up to their ears in cotton candy as a clown, complete with a clown father figure/playmate, in a whimsical Wonka-like wonderland filled with unimaginable fun and complete with magical, oversized toys and candy.

This aspect of circus clowning, one that Lou excelled at, is sadly too often overlooked in our contemporary, cynical world.

Small kids haven't changed all that much, they still love toys and candy and they still expect clowns to be somewhat magical.

"Honk your nose!"

"Make it disappear!"

"Now juggle a hundred!"

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Mr. Lee said...

She sounds like a pretty smart 5 year old! After all that's what he did, especially through the eyes of a small child.