Sunday, January 21, 2007

L & H's Culver City Locations

From Mark Evanier's blog, NEWS FROM ME:

"I live a few miles from a portion of Los Angeles known as Culver City. Although it's presently going through a heavy influx of new businesses and structural upgrades, there are still a lot of old buildings in Culver City, which makes it a delight for us Laurel and Hardy buffs. The Hal Roach Studio was located there and though it's long gone, you can still spot a lot of the street locations where Stan and Ollie filmed. Several are strikingly identifiable from their old films even 70-80 years later.

Piet Schreuders is a designer and pop culture historian. Not long ago, he did extensive research of the area, as you'll see in this clip. You'll also see a little of what he did with it, which was to create a computer model of the main streets of Culver City, regressed to the era when Laurel and Hardy filmed there. This runs a little less than five minutes and some of it is in Dutch but you'll get the idea. Thanks to Don Brockway for sharing this with us."


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to correct that the clown in the Levetation Gag was Marcos Droguett and "NOT" his Grandson Marcos Manuel Barragan.


justlarry said...

This clip is awesome!
I wish things were done like this more often (like how about a 3d model of 1930's or 40's Ringling)

On a Side Note-
right outside of Augusta Ga. is a little town called Harlem and they have a Laurel and Hardy Museum. The whole town has murals and such of the guys. There are no big signs or billboards that tell you about it. Just a little a small hand painted board under the exit ramp.
I stopped there this past year while doing advance for the Gold Unit and was treated like a king. They gave me a tour and ran a movie for just for me!. It was fun!
(Realizing I sound like a 12 year old by using the word awesome, so I will blame it on the cold medicine)

Anonymous said...

it's fun to go to silverlake area of L.A. to see to stairs from the Laurel & Hardy's "Music Box"

Jeff Seal said...

My dad told me that the clock that Harold Lloyd hangs from in "Safety Last" was also in Culver City. I wonder if anyone can confirm that. Also, the Kino Video Buster Keaton collection has a similar feature on the extra's disk. It has a map of LA that you can click on that shows scenes from his films shot at that location.